Overview of Pororo Park Singapore

Welcome to our home at Pororo Park.
A place of fun with learning at its heart.
Where Pororo & friends live, learn and play.
A place of joy and enriching experience every day.
Exploration, science, arts, cooking, magic and sports.
Joyful learning with endless fun all in one spot.
Playing while bonding with Pororo, Crong and Eddy.
There’s no other place any child would rather be.
Loopy, Poby and Petty are ever so eager to teach.
Sharing knowledge and practical skillset ever so rich.
It’s here where friends become PALS as we
grow together. Playing And Learning Skills
every child will treasure forever.


PALS: Stimulating playing and learning skills DNA in everything that we do. Extending the theme of friendship and bond from the characters in Pororo & Friends. It’s a celebration of social cohesion – building strong affinity among the children and developing a sense of belonging for them. They play together, learn together and bond together – right here at Pororo Park.

Indoor Playground Socks Policy: Socks are required for all visitors, including accompanying adults.